Hygiene Services

ICC provides a complete range of hygiene services that ensure clean and comfortable washroom facilities.

Our services include:

Air Fresheners
Our air freshener units deliver measured doses of fragrance at timed intervals. At the time of each cleaning service, our staff service and maintain the units. Our product range includes a wide variety of air freshener fragrances for you to choose from.
Toilet Sanitisers
Maintaining clean and hygienic toilets is essential for healthy and happy workplaces. Our toilet sanitisers are customised to suit your bathroom needs and ensure that your washrooms smell fresh and clean 24/7. They are a special formulation which contains a disinfectant bactericide which sanitises, cleans and polishes the toilet surfaces each time you flush.
Sanitary Services
Our sanitary services provide maximum comfort for all female employees and customers. To ensure hygienic disposal, the sanitary unit is sanitised with an anti-bacterial liner. The liner is perfumed and releases a pleasant scent between services.
Urinal Sanitisers
Hygienic and clean-smelling urinals are a must. Our urinal sanitisers destroy odours, remove scale and uric acid buildup from the urinal and drainpipe, and ensure that the urinals smell fresh and clean at all times.
Paper Products
ICC supply a wide range of paper products and washroom supplies including toilet paper, hand towel interleafs, hand towel rolls, tissues etc.


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