Inner City Cleaning offers commercial and residential fogging for pandemic / infectious/ corona / “decontamination” anti bacterial cleaning protection. Our fogging service can safely and efficiently disinfect building types including offices, shops, restaurants, homes, and community spaces.

Fogging is an efficient cleaning technique traditionally used for cleaning hospitals and food processing areas. With the global spread of COVID-19, fogging has become an essential cleaning method to safely disinfect and protect buildings against the disease.

The process of fogging involves spraying a fine mist that’s made from a strong cleaning chemical. This fine mist works in two ways to effectively eliminate traces of deadly bacteria. Mist from the fog is so small that it remains suspended in the air which helps to kill airborne viruses and bacteria. As the fogging mist lands on building surfaces, it will also eliminate pathogens that may be lurking around on floors, ceilings, and furniture. Once complete you’ll be presented with a certificate that can be displayed on your premises.

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Innercity cleaning have been cleaning our office for many years and came to our rescue recently when we had a possible COVID exposure. I spoke to John about organising a deep clean. He knew exactly what was needed and organised for it to be done that evening. It saved our business from having any down time & meant we were ready for business the next day. Well done Innercity Cleaning!

Dr Meredith Tassone

Dear John
I would like to take to opportunity to thank you and Inner City for your cleaning services over the past 20+ years and in more recent times the flexibility you have shown our company in accommodating our cleaning requirements under Covid restrictions. Your services in conducting deep cleaning of our office which extended to deep cleaning of our operational sites as the need arose has been effortless and totally professional.
Thank you Hanson Management

Joe Tresca
Commercial Manager Doncaster

John and the team from Inner City Cleaning provided a fast, high quality and efficient service for a deep clean on site. Their ability to drop everything and complete the job in under a couple hours enabled us to quickly return to work during the Covid-19 period. Thanks John!

Lachlan McRae Hanson
Quarry Manager

We recently had a client that passed away in his home, who was later diagnosed with possible Covid-19. As the Executors of his estate, we were required to access his property for legal requirements. There was great uncertainty entering or touching premises or surfaces that may have
been contaminated by the deceased and to be honest we were all apprehensive. After consulting with the Department of Health, we sought the services of Inner City Cleaning to decontaminate the house on our behalf. We dealt with John in particular who immediately put this into action. He was incredibly fast and professional. We spoke in the morning, by the early evening we were in receipt of a series of photographic and video evidence to show us that the process had been completed satisfactorily. We received a certificate to verify same also. What a relief!! We can now enter the premises knowing that we are safe and more importantly that the deceased’s premises and belongings were treated with the utmost respect. A great service, efficiently performed and more importantly terrific to deal with. Thank you, John

Rhonda Locandro


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